Our Work

Harness through improvement of land resources , landscapes and livelihoods by consolidating , sharing, enhancing, and using knowledge on sustainable land management (SLM).
UGACAT’s Mission
Facilitate learning, adaptation, innovation, and decision-making around SLM. This includes;
  • Enhancing land productivity and water use efficiency
  • Improving provisioning of ecosystem goods and services
  • Promoting sustainable and wise use of biodiversity
  • Contributing to food security, and climate change adaptation/ mitigation
  • Reducing disaster risks and land and water conflicts
Collectively, these activities are aimed at facilitating cost-effective investments in – and scaling up of – SLM, gradually reducing land degradation. The UGACAT coalition ’s intended end beneficiaries are land users and broader society, who stand to gain more sustainable livelihoods, reliable food production, and other necessities of life thanks to improved management of land resources and ecosystems. To reach these end beneficiaries, UGACAT brings together:
  • SLM specialists at field level , including research and development partners, farmers, policy makers, private sector
  • SLM specialists across scales : community, subcounty, district, national, regional and global levels
The UGACAT Vision and Mission are done by:
  • Networking among stakeholders
  • Documenting and synthesizing experiences and setting direction
  • Enhancing capacity and knowledge
  • Customizing relevant SLM tools
  • Sharing and using knowledge