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  • 35 Stakeholders trained in using WOCAT Questionnaires on SLM Technologies and Approaches and related WOCAT database, primary recommended by UNCCD for reporting on best practices;
  • Documentation of over 50 practices is ongoing, lead by ULN and NARO and supported by extension officers
  • 4 SLM catalogues on the topics of Soil Fertility Managements & Agronomic Practices, Forestation & Trees on Landscape, Water Management & Infrastructure and Soil & Water Conservation Practices are under production
  • Decision Support – A TOT was facilitated by WOCAT Secretariat staff and followed by 9 district workshops aimed at equipping stakeholders to identify and select relevant SLM practices for scaling.*FINAL SLM DS TRAINING REPORT

Trainers of Trainers including UNCCD Focal person in Uganda

SLM Documentation in Uganda

SLM documentation in Uganda is ongoing and SLM practices published on the Global WOCAT Database can be accessed by clicking the button. You can participate in the documentation of new SLM practices in the global WOCAT database by following the links below.